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Requires Pokémon Red ROM
Version 2009
(Update 3, Updated 5/14/09)

Pokémon Brown - Download

The version of Pokémon Brown provided here is the feature-complete and offers new features as opposed to version 1.1. The original version can be downloaded here.

To play the game, you will need to follow one the patching methods described below.

As Pokémon Red is copyrighted, the ROM is not distributed on this website.

Soft patching

What you'll need

Soft patching allows you to simply rename the ROM or the IPS patch so that both have the same name. It is then as simple as opening the ROM in VisualBoyAdvance and playing.

Hard patching

What you'll need

It's actually quite straightforward to patch a game. This guide shows a step-by-step walkthrough using screenshots of Lunar IPS. This method is referred to as "hard patching" - it applies the patch permanently to the game.

Step 1 Load the patch application up.

Loading patch application Lips.exe
Step 2 Click the "Apply Patch" (or similar) button.

Apply IPS Patch
Step 3 Select the IPS you wish to use and click Open.
(Note that while this picture shows a rijonAdventures patch, the same process can be applied to a Pokémon Brown patch.)

Select IPS File to Use
Step 4 Select the ROM you wish to apply the patch to.
(Note that while this picture shows a FireRed ROM, the same process can be applied to a Pokémon Red ROM.)

Select File to Patch
Step 5 Load the ROM up. It should then work and changes are permanently applied to the ROM. You may delete the IPS file as it will no longer be needed.