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Pokémon Brown

Welcome to the game that started the entire legacy! Pokémon Brown introduces an entire new world for you, the trainer, to explore!

Meet Professor Tim, the Rijon Tutor, as he guides you and your rival through the region. Endure many obstacles and explore the large environment of Rijon!


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World map

Key features

Adventure around 11 new cities and 20 new routes in the world inside and outside the region of Rijon! Also, explore Ilex Forest, Azalea Town and Slowpoke Well, of the Johto region! You never know where you'll end up next!

The story takes more turns and makes more sense! Playability is taken to a larger extent in a region with the same feel as Red and Blue. The Pokémon graphics set is now shared from Yellow, Red, Blue and Green version.

Not every glitch can be fixed, but for the game-breaking or adventure-stealing glitches, fair to say they don't exist anymore. And for you Missingno. lovers, sorry, but the glitch Pokémon has been shut out here too.

There's a whole lot more than that, just waiting for your play!


I got this hack called "Pokemon Brown" and playing it, it seemed revolutionary. Pokemon Red's storyline was 100% Changed and I never ever believed someone could do this on their own.
Chrono Cr@cker

Pokemon Brown by coolboyman. Sure its old, but it was one of the best back then. And most hacks today never get completed.
Black Mage

Pokemon Brown is more than anything anyone can ever expect from a Red hack. This is the best Red hack to date.
Supreme Edgeboy Max